Missing My Rusty Ice Fishing Buddy

April 04, 2012 at 10:06 pm

Auger wasn't the only thing that was rusty

It’s been a long, tiring, almost two years off of fishing and most other things that bring me recreational enjoyment.  I am being dramatic but selling, moving, renting, buying and building a house in that time does suck some of the life out of you.  Well, I can honestly say that aside from the boxes piled in my garage, it is over.  My family and I are back at it, living life and loving it. 

One piece of our transition was a 10 foot X 30 foot storage unit.  Most of those recreational items were stored in there. Some things we pulled out seasonally and others we left.  One of those was my trusty ice auger. It was firmly planted in the back of the unit and virtually inaccessible. I knew it was there and I thought of it often.  People would ask how the ice-fishing is and I with a tear in my eye I would think of my poor auger in the back of the unit.

Last week we got to the end of my unit and I wasted no time to pull it out and have a good look at my long lost buddy.  It was neglected in more ways than one.  A relatively new auger, it was rusty. I felt horrible.  How could l leave my buddy like that. Regardless of how I treated it, it started within a few good primes and pulls.  We were reunited over the weekend and spent many a holes together.

I promise you Mr. Auger, I won’t leave you again. We’ll have some good times together from now on.  You may be a bit beat up but I still love you.

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